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Wilo‬ Stratos circulators installed in a Net-Zero Energy project on the east coast!


Chatham University’s, an internationally recognized leader in sustainability, Eden Hall Campus is the first in the world built from the ground up for the study of sustainable living, learning and development and using the latest in environmentally responsible technology, design and innovation. Eden Hall, designed to accommodate 1,500 students, is self-sustaining in every way by producing zero carbon emissions and more energy than it consumes.

The install included (2) Wilo Stratos 1.25x3-30 circulators and (4) Wilo Stratos 1.25x3-35 circulators serving solar collectors, radiant system, and main heating loop.  A net-zero energy building means the total amount of energy used by the building annually is equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Wilo Stratos D shows 76% energy savings!

img trukeespotlight

The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District Administrative Building experienced a 76% energy usage reduction after replacing two 7.5HP competitor pumps with a Wilo Stratos-D 3x3-40.  The ECM circulator design considerably reduces space requirements, as well as material and labor costs for owners, contractors, plumbers and electricians.  The circulator will stage/rotate every 24 hours and optimize the impeller speed according to system demand.  There is no need for external controls; the pump, motor, and computer are all self-contained and ready to run right out of the box.  With Wilo Red Button technology, setting and controlling the pump is a breeze.

E-minus, a trusted Wilo partner, verified the energy-saving results.  After proving the new pump yielded a 76% reduction in energy usage, the district showed a $2609 annual savings.  With results like these, they now plan to retrofit all 13 facilities in the district.

Location: Truckee, CA
Wholesaler: E-Minus

The first Wilo Helix EXCEL was installed in Minnesota!

img Install EXCELMinnesota

In November of 2015, the first Wilo Helix EXCEL was installed in a 5-story mixed-use commercial/medical building in the Twin Cities.  The top floor maternity suites were experiencing low pressure and required a pressure boosting system.  When it came time to specify a product to fix this issue, the ECM-driven Helix EXCEL became the ideal choice.

With only a minimal footprint available, the Helix EXCEL 270-01 was perfect.  The energy and cost savings for the new pump were also part of their decision.  The Wilo EC motors on a multistage pump system can provide up to 70% energy savings over traditional motors & variable frequency drives.  Having the mechanical room located on the main floor of the building alongside office suites, noise was a consideration as well.  Even at the high speeds, the Helix EXCEL is exceptionally quiet.  When it came time for the install, it was a smooth “out of the box” solution.  No separate panel was required, as this product is a complete system ready to go, with fully integrated controls that are programmable right on the face of the pump.  Using the Wilo Red Button technology made the set-up process stress-free.

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Manufacture Representative: Michel Sales Agency

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